Our Story

Apricity is a female-owned recruiting company focusing on sourcing hard-to-find candidates for companies who understand the importance of finding the right people. We pride ourselves on our selectivity, working with those companies and nonprofits who truly understand what makes their organization worth working for.

When you work with Apricity, you get not only a recruiter, but also a partner in your success. So don’t be surprised when we want to learn about your corporate culture, your purpose and what makes you a good company to work for. Why is this position open? What’s your turnover rate?  Reputable companies aren’t afraid of these questions, which is why we’re not afraid to ask them.

We know that matching the right candidates to the right companies is, in the long run, better for everyone: our clients, the candidates and us. When you have people on your team who have recruited senior engineers and key leadership from the likes of Apple and Rackspace to work for small companies, you know you’re in good hands.

Give us a ring, let us learn about your needs and see if we can help, absolutely no pressure and no strings.